We love the Stirlen Chi Yoga Mat Cleanser, we use it to clean all of our studio's mats.
Kamiko- Jivamukti Yoga Center, NYC

We love the Cleanser because it's environmentally safe and my students like the fact that there is no lasting scent. We wash our studio's mats once a month with the mat wash, a little of the wash goes a long way. Thanks!
Annie Fallon -- Annies Yoga & Fitness Studio - West Chester, IL

The wipes work great on my pilates reformer! It doesn't dry out my cushion, and keeps it in excellent condition.
Carrie Savino - Deerfield, IL

"The mat wipes work really well and they're even effective on my 100" black Manduka!"
Michael Cowan, Chicago

"I love the wipes - I use them to clean my hands after teaching a class in which I touch many students who are sweating toxins out - it's an easy way to keep me healthy."
Jan Livingston 'Toronto

"The mat wash was great! It was simple, easy and effective!"
Kevin Halstead, Chicago

"I love the mat wash! I use it to wash my mat, practice rug and my yoga clothes, it works well for everything!"
Amber Zagami-Miami

"The cleanser is great- I use it to clean my mat before every practice- it really helps to keep my mat fresh!"
Chris Hehir- Los Angeles

"I love the wipes I use them before and after I practice. I also use them when I take a long walk, they work great to clean my feet!"
Laura Giometta, Salt Lake City