We began developing Stirlen back when green was a color, not a buzz word. It all started with the firm belief that there was an ethical need for great products that would clean our homes without dirtying our planet. We knew with dedication, it was possible to create powerful product performance from natural and safe ingredients.

All Stirlen products use essential oils, not only for their fresh and lasting fragrance, but also due to their inherent cleaning power. In fact, all of our ingredients are natural and plant-based, so that they easily break down when released back into the environment. And you'll always find all of these eco-friendly ingredients listed on our label in type that you can actually read - we have nothing to hide!

Stirlen Plant-Based cleaning products also use recyclable bottles in condensed refillable sizes to minimize environmental impact. We're eco-friendly, kid-friendly and pet-friendly - so clean freely and enjoy the lasting freshness. Thanks for choosing Stirlen, together we can keep it clean and green!

Selena Stirlen